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Dube Vaporizer V2

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Product Description

Dube Vaporizer V2

The Dube is a name you don’t forget. It’s a vaporizer pen that has a lot more than a great name, though. It’s an excellent product, as well. What can it do for you? What is a vaporizer pen?

Dube is the size of an ordinary electronic cigarette, but it’s even more powerful. It’s sexy, chick, and it comes in black and green. The Dube Pen, a White Rhino product, is going to be your personal vaporizer of choice. The Dube was designed to look and feel like an ordinary electronic cigarette, except it’s more powerful and looks cool, as well.

What Comprises The Dube? 

The Dube has a mouthpiece, cartridge, and special Dube battery. The first-generation Dube has a double-lock sequence. Just click the button five times and wait two seconds. Then, click another five times, and the battery will lock or unlock.

How Do You Charge The Dube? 

  1. Ensure that the Dube battery is unlocked before trying to charge it. If it’s locked, the Dube battery tip will not light when it is in the charging mode.     
  2. The battery tip will show green, and the USB indicator light will show red when it is charging.
  3. When the battery is finished charging, the tip light will off, and the USB light will show green. If the battery is not charging when it’s plugged into a wall outlet, then try charging with a USB port (like on a computer). If you carry a laptop around with you at all times anyway, then being able to plug in a Dube Vaporizer Pen is really simple. 

Use The Dube With Waxes 

To use the Dube with waxes, you merely need to dab the right amount of wax directly onto the heating coil. There is no need to prime the heating element before applying wax. Be certain to consistently stir the wax in the cartridge. When you’re removing the mouthpiece from the cartridge, heat up the cartridge for roughly five seconds and then take off the mouthpiece. If you don’t do that, then the mouthpiece can stick to the cartridge and break when you’re taking it out. 

What Does The Dube Vaporizer Starter Kit Include? 

  • One user manual
  • One White Rhino liquid battery
  • One USB charger
  • One dab tool
  • One pair tongs 

You can also download the manual as a PDF file from the main product page of the White Rhino website.

The good thing about buying the dube vaporizer whole starter kit is that the separate pieces come bundled nicely in a little box. It all comes with an instruction manual, too. You should have no problem figuring out how to use this little vaporizer. If you’re not absolutely satisfied with it, you can always call and talk to one of our customer service representatives to figure out a solution and find a product that better suits your particular needs.

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