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December 06, 2018

How Much Does The Pax 3 Portable Vaporizer Cost? Is It Worth It?

If you have been considering purchasing a pax 3 vaporizer on sale then you may want to check out the pax 3 at VaporizerChief.com to learn where you can purchase it at the lowest price online with free shipping and without having to worry about getting a fake knock-off unit from unethical eBay sellers. The Pax Brand is one of the number one vaporizer brands on the marketplace and they have been called the “apple” of the vaporizer industry because of their sleek looking, high tech, highly desirable products.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

So, the reason why you actually clicked on this link – to find out exactly how much the Pax 3 from Ploom Labs costs and where you can buy it at the lowest price online with free shipping from one of the major online vaporizer stores. You can pickup the Pax 3 from their website for $249.99 for the bonus set or $199 for the device only.  The pricing online for this unit is highly regulated so I would be very suspicious of anyone who is selling this for a lower price than is listed by the manufacturer on their website. I would steer clear from eBay and other online auction sites because there is no way to verify 100% that the seller is authorized to resell their products because Pax Labs does not authorize anyone to sell their products on eBay.  Therefore, if someone is selling one on there then the chances are very likely that they are selling counterfeit merchandise and they should be reported immediately to the manufacturer.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review And Product Video

Hidden Features Of The Pax 3 Dry Herb Vape

The heat-up time on this unit is much faster than it’s predecessor and reaches full vaporization temperatures in under 15 seconds.  This unit also comes with an extra gasket and concentrate screen along with a pusher tool that allows you to pack down your bowl.  The device also comes with two different mouthpieces and two different types of lids.  It also comes with a maintenance kit and an instruction manual that shows you exactly how the product functions.  With the concentrate insert the lid sticks out a little bit and that is how it was designed so don’t be alarmed because the magnet on the lid is extra strong.

Pax 3 Vaporizer Adjustable Heat Settings

There are 4 temperatures on the Pax 3 which are used for various different types of materials, with the lower temperatures being ideal for use with herbs and the higher temperatures with concentrates.  There is also the ability to set a custom heat setting in your app to go above the set temperatures that come standard with the unit.  There is also an efficiency mode that overrides the 5th temperature setting for a refined pallet and also a stealth mode to dim the lights so you don’t attract any unwanted attention in public.  You can also change the combination of the lighting on the LEDs on the unit and change the brightness and then you can play games on there as well.  You can also log your device and turn it on and off.  To use your device with dry herb don’t pack the bowl all the way and I would recommend using temperature setting 3.

How To Use The Pax 3 With Concentrates

For using concentrates with your Pax 3 you don’t need to use a lot of material with the device.  If you overfill the unit it could end up leaking and you can waste a lot of your material.  To avoid this, don’t overfill the unit and always keep it vertical and never tip it to the side.  At first, I didn’t think that I would end up using this vape for concentrates that often but after some time has passed I see that I will often gravitate towards using the Pax 3 with my concentrates because it provides huge hits of vapor and it’s extremely efficient the way that it can instantly vaporize the waxy oils without any hesitation.