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If you have been researching portable vaporizers and you want to learn more information about how you can benefit from using these high quality devices then please keep on reading this article.  One of the main selling points of these handheld marijuana vaping devices is that they can be easily transported with you wherever you go, and they hold a charge for a very long time.  Modern devices can even hold a charge for up to 12 hours of actual use, so please keep that in mind when you are considering making your purchase.  Please keep on reading to discover the handheld units that we’ve tested and found to work really well and now have decided to recommend to our readers.

g pen elite handheld vaporizer unit

G Pen Elite Portable Vaporizer

One of the best portable vaporizers is the G Pen Elite which has gained popularity because the manufacturer Grenco Science has built a good reputation among vape enthusiasts across the industry as a trusted, go-to brand which designs stellar products.  We are the number one vaporizer review blog on the internet so please check back with us frequently to discover which products you should be paying attention to and when their release dates will be.  The mouthpiece has been completely redesigned and the vapor quality has definitely improved over previous versions.

Firefly 2 Portable Weed Vaporizer

Firefly 2 Portable Herb Vaporizer

Another great portable weed vaporizer designed specifically for use with dried herbs is the Firefly 2 which you can read more about by clicking on the link in this sentence.  We have tested out many of the other handheld herb vaporizers on the market, and the one that we keep on coming back to over and over again is the Firefly 2 because of it’s extreme efficiency and ability to produce high quality vapor that provides the user with an intense experience every single time without fail.  With a bigger herb chamber, longer battery life, and faster heat-up-time, this vape will definitely deliver an experience that will satisfy your deepest cravings.

Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty Vaporizer

Another gem that is also very costly is the Crafty Vaporizer by German vape manufacturer Storz & Bickel who has gained popularity throughout the industry with some extremely effective desktop models.  When it comes to portables, the Crafty delivers a premium vaping experience with extremely effective vapor and hard-hitting purity and flavor.  If you want a vape that packs a punch then this is the one that you’ve been looking for.  We have tested plenty of other vapes and the one that we always come back to besides the other two that we’ve mentioned here is this one.  None of the other portables on the market offer the premium vapor quality that the Crafty delivers on a consistent basis.