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July 15, 2017

Purchase Affordable Weed Vaporizer Pens On The Internet

weed vaporizer pen for saleVaping is an alternative way for you to enjoy the benefits of your marijuana without having to burn it to enjoy it. You may be wondering where you can purchase affordable weed pens online? So this article will give you some pointers in the right direction.

When using a vaporizer pen, you do not need to worry about being too discreet with the contents of it. Many people see people vaping and just assume that you are vaping your typical flavored nicotine liquid. Since you are not producing any burn or smoke from your cannabis this way, there is hardly any aroma that can be detected yet you get to enjoy all that it has to offer you.

There are so many varieties of vaping pens on the market it can be confusing where to start. If you are looking for something that does not cost too much and you can easily dispose of after use, then look at a disposable pre-filled pen. If you have a bit more in your budget then opt for a unit that has replaceable parts so that you can use it for an extended period of time.

Weed Vaporizer Types available.

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Gpens are probably the most commonly used pens and are available in most head shops and online stores. There are several variations of the Gpen and the starting price is around $60 USD. If you are looking for something that is easy to find then the Gpen is the way to go.


A globe unit will give a similar effect to using a bong and produce a huge amount of vapor compared to other units. The design allows for the vapor to build up rapidly and is cleared as you inhale. Globe mouthpieces can be purchased to fit on most other units.

Cloud pen 1.0

This pen starts at just $50 USD and is small and extremely durable. You can fill the cartridge with your choice of budder or wax and enjoy a 15 second draw time. The battery holds up well for its size and will give you around 2 hours of continuous vaping before needing a recharge.

Gpen Vaporizer.

As stated above, the Gpen is an awesome pen for most types of cannabis usage. Starting at just $20 USD this dual quarts unit allows for a full hit filled with flavor. It delivers a smooth stream of vapor and has a battery life of around 2 hours 30 minutes before needing to be recharged. This makes the pen both affordable and convenient.


The o.pen starts at $30 USD for the 250mg size and $50 USD for the 500mg size. O.pens are the ideal choice for vaping cannabis and reduce the amount of aroma emitted from the oils. Specifically designed to be used with hash oil, the O.pen has a fast charge battery system and will provide you with several hours of vaping time when fully charged. Perfect for use in countries where cannabis use is not legal.

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The gigawax vape pen is designed to work with shutter, budder, and wax and starts at the midsection of the affordability scale at $50usd. The pen has the same look and feel as a hookah pen while delivering a powerful and durable hit every time. The pen also has a 2-day battery charge and is one of the few vaporizers on the market with a pass through battery meaning you can use it as it charges.

Vaping can be a great way to enjoy your weed, and finding somewhere to purchase affordable weed pens on the internet is easy. Check out sites such as vaporizerchief.com and vaping360.com to begin your search.

Once you have your pen you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of your cannabis without the added chemicals found in regular tobacco. By vaping, you are actually avoiding more than 4000 chemicals found in traditional joints, many of which are toxic and carcinogenic. Vaping doesn’t need to break the bank and tends to be far more economical than traditional methods of smoking pot.

Take your time to browse the different types of vaporizers before making a purchase and ensure that it fits your requirements. Some take oils, some take wax and some take dry herb so it all depends on your own personal preference.